Отлични аутсорс проекти


Quality project outsourcing teams are ready to complete your initiative. Teams focus on efficiency and effectiveness. We have the answer to your growth question.

Responsible development, quality assurance and secure environment combined with flexible and innovative know-how guarantee completion of your project. Form your team per project or per product.

Our agile teams are welcoming you to share your requirements. We are committed to devote our excellent knowledge to build a sustainable solution that simply works for you.

Outsource and get flexible work force when you need it.


  • Effective and efficient
  • Short or long term projects
  • Project Managers available on demand
  • Nearshore or offshore
  • Flexible or fixed teams
  • Work conducted in secure environment
  • In-house or remote location
  • Project focused development
  • Vast range of technologies and know-how

Own your projects and make them a reality. We are here for you. Contact us now!


Mobile and Web Solutions

  • Web Development
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Gaming
  • iOS App Development
  • Frameworks and CMS
  • Entertainment and Travel
  • Android Development
  • Extension and Plug ins
  • Education and NGO



  • E-commerce Platforms
  • Off the Shelf E-commerce
  • Custom E-commerce


Game Solutions

  • Game Development
  • Promo and Bonus Games
  • Game Sever


Payment Solutions

  • Merchant and Payment gateway integration
  • Virtual terminals
  • Custom payment methods development


Enterprise & System Integration Solutions

  • Management Consoles
  • Real Time Data Solutions
  • Information Architecture
  • Tracking and Reporting
  • BPM System
  • System Integration
  • Financial Solutions
  • Enterprise Intranet
  • Affiliate and Partner Solutions


Custom Solutions

  • Custom Project Development
  • CMS and CRM
  • Extensions and Plug-in
  • SOAP and Web Services
  • Kiosk Solutions
  • Embed OS


Social Media

  • Game Development
  • Promo and quiz development


Graphic Design

  • Logo and Branding Designs
  • Game Design
  • Print Materials
  • 3D
  • Exhibition Stands


Data Entry and Data Sourcing

  • Data Entry
  • Data Sourcing
  • Data Processing